6" Bore - 22" Inch stroke - Medium Duty Pneumatic Cylinder with MT1 Front Trunnion - Model: CN6MATF22CCK(1.75)

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31.38 (in)
6.50 (in)
9.25 (in)
6" Bore
MT1 Front Trunnion: TF
22" Stroke
Rod Type:
Piston Rod Dia:
1-3/4" Rod
Rod Style:
Style2: Small Male Rod End
Rod End Details:
1-1/4 - 12 x 2
Max Pressure Rating:
200 PSI Max
Cushion Style:
CC: Cushion Both
Cushion Adjust & Check Positions:
Port Type:
Port Thread:
Port Locations:
Seal Type:
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Product Overview

  • Medium Duty 200 PSI** Pneumatic Cylinder Line
  • 6" Bore
  • 22" Stroke
  • MT1 Front Trunnion
  • 1-3/4" Piston Rod
  • Small Male Rod End With 1-1/4 - 12 Thread by 2" Long
  • Cushion Adjusts On Front and Rear
  • Cushion Adjusts In Positions: 3,6
  • 1/2 NPT And are located In positions 1-5
  • Approx Shipping Weight: 61.30894 lb


Full Specifications:

Country of Manufacture: United States
Lead Time: Typically ships in 3-10 Business Days Check the Shipping Page for up to date info
Max Pressure (PSI): 200
Bore Size: 6"
Mount: MT1 Front Trunnion
Stroke (Inches): 22"
Rod Type: Single Rod Double Acting
Piston Rod Size (Inches): 1-3/4"
Rod Style: Small Male Rod End
Rod End Details: 1-1/4 - 12 Thread by 2"
Port Type: NPT
Port Thread: 1/2
Port Locations: 1,5
Cushion Style: The cylinder is cushioned in the front and rear. It has cushion adjusts in positions 3 and 6.
Seal Type: Standard
Weight: 61.30894 lb
Tax Class: Taxable Goods

Estimated Push/Pull Weights:

*Force Extend @ 200psi (lbs): 5654.867
*Force Extend @ 90psi (lbs): 2544.69
*Force Retract @ 200psi (lbs): 5173.81
*Force Retract @ 90psi (lbs): 2328.215

The mounting style of this cylinder, in your application, determines the safe maximum stroke due to column strength restrictions. Mounting using an incorrect class could result in buckling or worse. Make sure mounting class 3 is verified.
Mounting Class 3 Maximum Stroke: 89.64"
All maximum strokes are base on using the cylinder at maximum operating pressure.
See the table to determine your mounting class on the Mounting and Column Strength Page.


Download the Dimensioned Print Here: PartPrint.pdf

Download the Print In DXF: PartPrint.dxf

Download the 3D Model In Step Format Here: PartDrawing.stp


About the Cylinders Now Medium Duty Pneumatic Cylinder Line

This cylinder Is manfactured In the USA.

  • ANSI, NFPA, JIC interchangeable dimensions
  • Lubed for life
  • High tensile, special hard anodized aluminum tube
  • Aluminum head and cap for weight reduction
  • Economical OEM cylinders
  • Cushioned front, rear or both ends available

Click Here to see all the advantages of the Medium Duty Hydraulic Line.

*Force Note: Forces stated are theoretical maximums to use as guidelines. They are Not guarantees.
**The A Medium Duty 200PSI Cylinder Line is constructed for medium duty applications, but the individual cylinder in the MA line may have a reduced PSI rating due to configured options. Refer to the "Max Pressure Rating" on the specific product and watch for titles stating the specific cylinder is Derated.


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